2006 Reading

I started this 52-books-a-year challenge at the beginning of 2006, so here is a list of the books I read that year. You’ll notice that there are quite a few crime novels (I had heard about the explosion of Eurocrime and had previously read all of Henning Mankell’s Inspector Wallender series, but I had a bit of catching up to do) and also a strong showing by American authors. That was one of those themes that just emerged. In 2005 I was introduced to Philip Roth via The Human Stain. I’d also come across Paul Auster through a collection of stories he published, all of which had come from ‘ordinary’ Americans as part of a radio project he’d run, so I was curious to read some of his fiction. I hadn’t read much American fiction before, having read mainly British and European writers, but they feature heavily in the 2006 list. I was also lent a copy of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas and loved it so much that I immediately went and read all his others. That’s the way it happens sometimes.

Philip Roth The Plot Against America (January)

Roddy Doyle A Star Called Henry (January)

Roddy Doyle Oh, Play That Thing (January)

David Mitchell Cloud Atlas (February)

Karin Fossum He Who Fears The Wolf (March)

Karin Fossum Don’t Look Back (March)

David Mitchell Ghostwritten (March)

Ian McEwan Saturday (March)

A. N. Wilson A Jealous Ghost (April)

Guillermo Martinez The Oxford Murders (April)

Andrea Camilleri The Shape of Water (April)

Karin Fossum When The Devil Holds The Candle (April)

Arnaldur Indridason Tainted Blood (April)

Julian Barnes Arthur and George (April)

Niall Griffiths Stump (April)

Andrea Camilleri The Snack Thief (May)

John Banville The Sea (May)

Henning Mankell The Man Who Smiled (May)

David Mitchell Black Swan Green (May)

Philip Roth Everyman (May)

Paul Auster Oracle Night (May)

Andrea Camilleri The Terracotta Dog (June)

Benjamin Prado Snow is Silent (June)

Paul Auster The New York Trilogy (June)

Carlos Ruiz Zafon The Shadow of the Wind (June)

Andrea Camilleri The Voice of the Violin (July)

Javier Cercas Soldiers of Salamis (July)

Peter Carey Theft: A Love Story (July)

Tristan Hughes Send My Cold Bones Home (July)

Paul Auster Moon Palace (July)

Andrea Camilleri Excursion to Tindari (July)

Leonardo Padura Havana Road (July)

Paul Auster Timbuktu (August)

David Mitchell Number9dream (August)

Ismail Kadare The File on H. (August)

John Irving Until I Find You (August)

Arnaldur Indridason Silence of the Grave (August)

Donna Leon Death at La Fenice (August)

Bernhard Schlink and Walter Popp Self’s Punishment (August)

Philip Roth American Pastoral (September)

Karin Fossum Calling Out For You  (September)

Andrea Camilleri Rounding the Mark (September)

David Lodge Author, Author (October)

Neil Jordan Shade (October)

Donna Leon Doctored Evidence (October)

William Boyd Restless (October)

Henry Porter Brandenburg (November)

Paul Auster In the Country of Lost Things (November)

Jo Nesbo The Redbreast (November)

Paul Auster The Brooklyn Follies (November)

Paulo Coelho The Alchemist (November)

Brett Easton Ellis Lunar Park (December)

Fred Vargas Have Mercy On Us All (December)

Jo Nesbo The Devil’s Star (December)

Paul Auster The Book of Illusions (December)

 And that was it – 55 in all. 2007’s list tomorrow.

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