Gallows Lane

Gallows Lane

Gallows Lane is the second in McGilloway’s series featuring DI Benedict Devil of the An Garda Siocana, the Irish Police Force, and set in the border country between the north and the south of Ireland. It is a landscape with which McGilloway himself is familiar, being an English teacher in Derry, where he was born. As with Borderlands, McGilloway’s first novel, Gallows Lane is a straightforward, fast-paced police procedural that conforms to all the usual conventions of the genre, except that it is written in the first person. The pages are soon littered with corpses, perhaps unbelievably so, even for detective fiction. There is a sense that McGilloway is still finding his feet a bit with both is character and the genre and I hope that as the series develops his assuredness will grow, as he writes well and naturally and the series is set to make an important contribution to the growing oeuvre of Irish crime fiction. This series has the potential to break new ground in the genre, so I hope in future novels McGilloway is bold enough to innovate.


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